Acts by which one commits oneself to accomplish something.

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Committed to our values.

L’engagement is the tool for creating a link. It is the essence of relationship building. Relationships based on trust keep us alive by making us feel secure and in harmony.

As winegrowers, two relationships are essential to us: that with our land and that with our consumers. We are committed to it. We are committed to you.

We pledge every day to pay tribute to this nature that makes us live. We are grateful every day for what it offers us. We share with honour what it allows us to create.


"A feeling that leads to consideration for someone because of the value that is given to him or her. »

Respect for our environment is our priority. Awareness of our interdependence with the environment in which we operate is the foundation of this commitment.

All Château Ollieux Romanis wines are 100% organic. We have moved away from monoculturecultivated many indigenous grape varieties. and developed our breeding activities.

Pourquoi ?

Toenhance biodiversity from our ecosystem. We work to facilitate the development of synergies between different animal and plant species in order to consolidate the balance and stability of the territory. For us, these are two essential elements. Our job is first and foremost to have a healthy terroir, without which we would be unable to offer the wines we make. We must give life to the soil so that it can sustain us.

It is in this perspective of protection of the territory that we created the collective Artisans Partisans.

What we promise:


vineyard is organically cultivated


Wines Vinified using the Nature method



km of hedges replanted = biodiversity

Sheep in total freedom


"Faithful expression of real feelings, through truth. «

Our wines are the expression of our love for nature.

They reflect our deepest identity. Our objective is that they make you discover our soil and all its singularity. It is with this in mind that we have developed our plot selections. Each parcel of vines has unique characteristics (climatic, geological and biological). We are committed to highlight them to create wines that stand out for their authenticity.

Taste them, they'll tell you better than us!

We are at the service of nature

The actions of daily life dictate the effects of tomorrow.

Artisans Partisans' Commitments

Do what we say, say what we do.

Honesty and transparency guide us. Our commitments are the fruit of real convictions, anchored in us by the love of our land and its beautiful products. Nature teaches us humility and resilience.

We work the land and are proud to claim it. We commit ourselves every day to give it back to it. Froms sensations and the life we love to share.

Our estate is open to you come and find out what we do and how we do it.. Our wines and our territory will tell you more about it than we can. Don't hesitate to follow us even if you are far away!

Our Know-How

Viniculture is an ancestral practice, which is at the foundation of our civilization. It is a real knowledge that teaches us to be attentive.. We listen to our territory. We are at the mercy of the forces of nature. We cannot control them but we can and know how to react and adapt. Our daily mission is to sublimate what she has to offer us.

We are responsible for the well-being of our terroir. For this, we prefer to harvest by hand to preserve and respect our vines and grapes. We avoid all chemicals in our cultures.

Behind each stage of the production chain is a human being, rich in knowledge, invested and dedicated. We are very attached to our traditions because they have made us who we are. The machines and technology can never replace such precious know-how, but they will help us to sublimate it.

Our Know-How is the alliance of tradition and modernity.

Temperature control

 Cooling unit & double skin vat room

Native yeasts

Used for winemaking

Natural fertilizer

 We make our compost

Labelled breeders

 We own our own herd

Weather stations

 Interventions at the best moments

Air-conditioned storage

Optimal temperature maintenance 


"Things are said of things, mechanisms that depend on each other, that work together."

Working the land is not easy. We're at the mercy of forces we can't control. It reminds us of who we are. Just one link in a chain that you can't control, just one part of an ineffable whole.

We are an integral part of our ecosystem. We are in solidarity with it and it is in solidarity with us. We are pillars for each other. A bad harvest, hail an uncontrollable parasite... those are some of the difficulties we endure and overcome all together.

We share our lands, our joys and sorrows, to move forward together... to live and bring life to our ecosystem.


Giving away some of what we have.

What are we without sharing?  

All our team is dedicated and committed to you and to share our best. Our trust in our territory allows us to present ourwines with pride and humility.

We cherish our ecosystem. We have built a relationship of trust and reciprocity with it, we want to make the same with you.

We lovingly share the fruit of our know-how and technical knowledge.

Share with us your feelings and comments, so that we can move forward and grow, together: exchange with us, online or in person !

Partner labels

The adhesion to these labels is the result of our quality approach coupled with our historical and assertive anchoring to the lands and territory of the Languedoc.

The Welcome to the Farm logo
The logo of the vineyard and discovery label
The Sud de France label logo
The logo of the quality label occitania tourism
The logo of the Cathar country label

Ollieux Romanis feels totally concerned by the quality approach driven by the labels of the Occitanie region. They are a sign of recognition of excellence and work.

- Pierre Bories, owner Ollieux Romanis.

Respect, sincerity, solidarity, sharing, love of the land, defence of the territory...we're not alone with our values. We work closely with trusted partners who are committed and determined to produce only their best for making positive and lasting change.