Fermented beverage prepared from fresh grapes or grape juice.

Noble nectar, fruit of a work guided by passion, knowledge
and convictions.

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Ollieux Romanis wines, the memory of excellence. 

We are fortunate to have a complete and complex ecosystem, with mountainous landscapes and Mediterranean climates. Each plot has its own soil typology and microclimate. This diversity gives our wines their personality and their power, provided we have the technical mastery to reveal them.

Winemaking has been practiced on our territory since ancient times.. Our vines have been deeply rooted for sometimes a century. We are the heirs of an ancestral know-how, which is transmitted, preserved and evolved from generation to generation.

Our land has a memory, we honour its memory and our history. Our wines express the identity of our territory. Our land has conquered us, our wines will charm you.

Our wines.

The wines of Château Ollieux Romanis are a must-taste in the Languedoc region and have always been able to make a name for themselves both as actors in the evolution of the wines of the South of France and as protectors of ancestral knowledge and practices.

Tasting an Ollieux Romanis wine means listening and paying attention to a speech, a vision and a certain sensitivity for respect and sharing. In any case, this is what we try to reproduce every time we think and design a wine.


The Cuvées that have built the reputation of Château Ollieux Romanis.


The Cuvées are created from the best plots of the Domaine.


Authentic elegance

Our historical reference of Château Ollieux Romanis.

If the Cuvée Classique serves as a reference in Languedoc it is because it has broken the historical codes of the profile of a Corbières wine. Already dissident in nature, it has taken its appellation to personality traits never seen before.

Now accustomed to everyday tables and even restaurant tables, the Cuvée Classique continues its quest for authenticity, characterized by a design without artifice.

Gourmet and full of fruit, its 3 variations will surprise you with their elegance and their broad spectrum of taste.


The classic red vintage of Les Ollieux
The classic white wine of the ollieux family.
The classic rosé cuvée des ollieux


The inescapable complexity

The domain icon.

Suave but assertive, the Prestige Cuvée is the big sister of the Cuvée Classique. Proudly bearing the colours of the Languedoc, it has been able to stand out by its complexity which has made it a must-have in the estate.

Maturing in barrels (half-muid for white prestige), gives them an aromatic palette of rare intensity. This cuvée will fill you with sensations (without emptying the wallet).

The White Prestige today has nothing to envy to the country's Grand Crus. The richness of its aromas made it the agreement of choice for the famous " Œuf pourri " by Gilles Goujon (three-star chef).


Les Ollieux's Prestige red vintage
The Cuvée Prestige Blanc des Ollieux


Raw purity

Forget everything you know.

This cuvée is home to our best carignans.It is the definition of balance between power and delicacy. Supple, greedy and full of intensity, it will make you feel good.

" Atal Sia " means "so be it ". It is a deep, direct wine, without barrel or artifice. This vintage is the most sincere expression of the richeness of our territory. It combines freshness and complexity.

Young, it will transmit all the explosiveness of our terroir. A gust of sunshine. Let itthe age and its brutality will give way to all the purity and delicacy of our soils.

The Atal Sia des Ollieux cuvée


The generous finesse

A concentrate of nobility.

The Cuvée Or is a matter of mastery and balance. Fruit of a generous nature it matures in French oak barrels. A woody finesse that brings back the abundance of sunshine for a complete and full-flavoured experience.

With this cuvée, we have succeeded in expressing all the nobility of the grape varieties characteristic of our terroir. Proud of this know-how, we have gilded its coat of arms.

Cuvée OR Ollieux Romanis

ALBA rosé

A different kind of terroir

 A gourmet wine.

Make a gourmet rosé. This is the challenge we set ourselves before making this reinterpretation of the terroir. To bring out the best in it, we have chosen to make a vinification on the lees, as for a white wine.

Succesfull challenge. The delicate wine stands out from the robustness of the region's rosés, while retaining its character. Intense aromas and minerality wrapped in the coolness of a dawn rocked by the sun.

"Attention, listen: the dawn is a work" - [Jorge Guillén] 

Cuvée Alba rosé des Ollieux

ALBA red

A different kind of terroir

The news interpretation.

Alba means dawn in Occitan. If the plots of this cuvée bear this name it is because they are the first spectators of every sunrise on our territory.

This Alba is a questioning of the technical course of vinification. The Grenache/Carignan blend is a tradition in the region. We wanted to break the traditional codes of blending by uniting Grenache and Cinsault and thus present a new interpretation of our terroir.

The result is up to our expectations. The red Alba reveals a brend-new side of its traditional grape varieties and highlights their fluidity and silky touch in the mouth.

The red Cuvée Alba of Les Ollieux

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