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Important information

Château Ollieux Romanis is beginning to moult.

During the coming months, major work will take place on the Domaine. They will make it possible to create the Ollieux of tomorrow: the same passion as today, in a majestic environment.

The cellar will be closed during this period, but we will welcome you not far from here, a little more than 10 minutes from the Château, at Domaine Le Champ Des Murailles, in Fabrezan.

We thank you for your understanding and ask for your patience: it's worththe effort.

Visit, Learn, Understand

Our domain is open to you. Come and discover our paths, our vineyards, our breeding farms and our wonderful landscapes. With your family or with friends you will be able to recharge your batteries. Fill up with sunshine and walk away, with a full belly and a light mind.

Visit us to learn. You will learn to listen, you will learn to look. Learn how to settle down, how to just contemplate. Learn how to taste, some wines and some food. Come and learn how we live in our terroir.

We want you to leave with more than just nice memories (and lots of wine boxes). We want to pass on our passion, our ecological sensitivity and our love of the Earth.

From walks to tasting

Enjoy a walk on our trails and then, a walk for your palate. Walk among our vineyards and contemplate all the plots of land which, coupled with our work and know-how, will give you a sensory experience that you will want to take home !

Thanks to our selection of wines from our friends, your palate will be able to wander through all the foothills of the Aude Pyrenees, from the red of Catalonia to the red of the Pyrenees, and from the red of the Pyrenees .to Limoux's bubbles. Exclusively in our wine bar !


Browse through the heart of the Domaine


A sensory experience


Take time to learn

Browse the estate, marvel at nature.

Discover a terroir, a territory, become an actor and protector of our environment. Take a step towards our developed walking trails.

Thus you will be able, through the various points of interest arranged here and there, to discover the fauna and flora of the surrounding Corbières, to observe the winegrowers' gestures thanks to the photographic representations of Gilles and Céline Deschamps, to cross some curiosities according to the season - it is not rare to come across a herd of sheep in winter or to cross a sympathetic place, with an Occitan sound, in which wine and tapas are served -.

The massif of the Pinada stretches out its arms to you, it will shelter you in its natural setting.

The most attentive will feel him share his strengths with them, others will perceive his weaknesses - we do everything we can to protect him from the flames in summer - and all of you will fall in love with this imperturbable and fragile being.

The walk of the paths is about 2 km long, its practice is free, and we will welcome you with pleasure at the end of it to make you (re)discover our wines.


1h in the heart of the Domaine


A magical visual experience

Art & Culture

Permanent & ephemeral exhibitions

The wine always feels its terroir.

French proverb

Tastings, sensory experiences

Discover our wines and live the Ollieux Romanis taste experience.

Through tastings led by our teams, you will experience the wines of Corbières Boutenac, discover their typicities and appreciate their authentic aromas.

Tastings at the Domaine are free and generous, because we are convinced that each wine we produce has its own history and defends its own cause.

You can book a tasting - especially if there are many of you - or come to the estate, we will be delighted to welcome you and share our experience and a few anecdotes about our vintages.

Do you come in groups?

We're adapting.

You are a group and would like a tailor-made offer?

We invite you to contact us directly so that we can discuss the experience you would like to live.

Visit of the Vineyard




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