A large property with a large area, usually including a manor house.

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More than a Domain, a land of expression 

A region between mountains and sea, 160 ha of vines on a terroir rich in biological, geological and climatic diversity. It is in this idyllic setting that we are lucky enough to live and work. We listen to Nature. We receive with gratitude what she offers us and work to sublimate it.

Our domain is a place of perpetual interaction between Nature and men and women who are devoted to it. Through our hands, centuries of learning are expressed. Within our domain is expressed the union between natural and human forces.

Our wines are the fruit of this relationship and convey our love and respect for our terroir. Our environment is the terrain of expression ofe know-how millennium that we strive to keep alive and pass on so that they will endure for centuries to come.

Les Ollieux, multi-faceted site

At the Château des Ollieux Romanis we do much more than produce wine. Sheep, pigs, donkeys, a vegetable garden. Our estate is lively. Our job is to keep it alive. We are the guardians of a rich and complex ecosystem. Its diversity is its strength and we strive to develop it.to preserve it. Our cultures are 100% organic and environmentally friendly.


The family property


The Languedoc as a land of expression


The Promise of a Responsible Tomorrow