Ollieux Romanis

Living in a land of excellence


An astonishing experience.

Welcome to Château Ollieux Romanis, a wine estate marked by History but above all, by the love and passion of those who bring it to life.

In this ecosystem we produce much more than wine. We take care of the lands that sustain us every day, with respect and dedication. Come discover them and share with us the well-being they provide.

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The Domain

A history written relentlessly since 1880.

A unique and magical terroir.

The storyThe Terroir

Wines of conviction.

In a perpetual quest for quality and improvement, we have chosen to place our commitment to Nature at the heart of our thinking.

Ollieux Romanis is a Domain concerned about the respect of the Environment and Biodiversity, and positions itself as a convinced actor of tomorrow's practices and consumption.


of the vineyard conducted in Organic Agriculture


The excellence of the Languedoc.

The Character of the Cru Boutenac.

Our Wines

A Voyage, exceptional vintages.

Prestige white, Languedoc-Roussillon wine
"Alta sia" red wine of boutenac appellation
A photo of the Cuvée Alba Rosé, mineral rosé for gastronomy
Cuvée OR Ollieux Romanis
A photo of the Cuvée Alba Rouge

Cuvée Prestige

Atal Sia

Alba Rosé

Cuvée OR

Alba Red

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A trust that we strive to honour,

by opening wide the doors of the Domaine.

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